AVIA conquers Cracow and Płock

Date of publication: 12.07.18


New petrol stations that have recently joined the AVIA chain are located in Cracow and Płock. Thus, AVIA has finished the presentation of 8 new stations that have undergone rebranding.

In the first days of July UNIMOT S.A., developing in Poland the chain of petrol stations under the AVIA brand informed the it had increased the number of stations to 30. The new stations appeared in the following locations: Ropczyce, Jasło, Gorzków, Gończyce, Protasy, Stupsk as well as Cracow and Płock.

The new AVIA petrol station in Cracow is located at 29B Igołomska, where the No 79 national road joins Cracow. The station is spacious and comfortable, opened 24 hours a day and it offers 12 refuelling stands, including diesel, TIR and LPG ones. It serves heavy transport using UTA and DKV fleet cards and naturally private vehicles. Soon it will also offer: premium fuel AVIA Diesel Gold and catering offer under the Esenso Café brand.

The AVIA station in Płock in turn is located at 57 Graniczna, next to No 62 national road that connects Płock and Warsaw. The station offers 4 stands for refuelling with standard diesel oil and 95 petrol. The station shop is opened between the hours 6:00 – 18:00, but the station is fitted with the refuelling machine that allows for 24-hour refuelling.

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