Financial results forecast

According to the Management Board’s decision in December 2019 (current report 32/2019), UNIMOT S.A. announces forecasts od consolidated adjusted EBITDA for the next year and update them if they are substantially changed.

The current forecast of consolidated EBITDA adjusted for 2021 is PLN 75.3 million and is 38.7% higher than the original value, which the Company published as part of the UNIMOT Capital Group Strategy for 2018-2023 announced on June 28, 2018.

Forecasts for 2019 and 2020 were updated a couple of times. Initial level of 2019F was PLN 34.0m, then updates: 08/05/2019 – PLN 46.2; 11/14/2019 – PLN 57.6m; 12/11/2019 – PLN 61.4m. Initial level of 2020F was PLN 62.3 million, then update 06/24/2020 to PLN 80.0 million.

Initially, the Strategy also included financial forecasts for the years 2021-2023, however, the Company has decided to cancel them. On 11th December 2019 the Company informed about the changes to the previously valid information policy regarding publications of financial forecasts for the years to come. The Management Board decided to cancel the forecast of adjusted consolidated EBITDA for the abovementioned years and publish it each time at the end of the preceding year.

This decision has been driven by external factors, independent from the Company, primarily significant market changes that have occurred since the Strategy was adopted (problems of one of the competitors) and which (according to the announcements), will take place in the future (merger of two leading fuel concerns). These circumstances are very likely to have an impact on the future years’ forecasts and evaluating this impact at the moment is impossible.