Sales for companies


The sale of natural gas under the AVIA brand for business customers is carried out through the company UNIMOT ENERGIA and GAZ, which is part of the UNIMOT Capital Group.


Change the natural gas seller to UNIMOT ENERGY AND GAS


Optimization of natural gas costs

With us you can benefit from lowering the cost of natural gas, thanks to lower prices tailored to your company’s business profile. Within the framework of cooperation with us you can use either a fixed gas price offer for a chosen period or choose other gas products for business.


We focus on partnering

Choosing us, you gain an Individual Adviser who will oversee the course of all cooperation and will be at your disposal to be able to support your knowledge and experience in formal and technical matters.


Safe Cooperation Guarantee

You do not risk – in the price you get a guarantee of stability of gas supplies to your company. From the moment you sign the contract, for 3 months you can check whether the price you have chosen actually has not increased. If you find a better offer, you can terminate the contract with us.

We provide our clients with comprehensive energy services, guaranteeing a fixed price, stable deliveries and payment for actual consumption during the contract period.