Recommendations and analyses

Recommendations issued by Wydział Analiz i Rekomendacji Domu Maklerskiego BOŚ S.A.

DateFundamental recommendation Market relative Target price Share price on the day of recommendation
04/27/2021BuyOverweightPLN 65.00PLN 47.65
01/18/2021BuyOverweightPLN 49.00PLN 38.00
12/06/2020HoldUnderweightPLN 36.00PLN 30.20
10/22/2020HoldUnderweightPLN 32.00PLN 27.95
06/07/2020HoldOverweightPLN 45.00PLN 43.00
11/05/2020BuyOverweightPLN 40.00PLN 28.75
12/04/2019BuyOverweightPLN 38.00PLN 28.60
09/27/2019BuyOverweightPLN 31.50PLN 24.10
07/10/2019BuyOverweightPLN 25.50PLN 17.40
04/04/2019BuyOverweightPLN 21.50PLN 13.00
12/06/2019BuyOverweightPLN 13.80PLN 8.24
07/19/2018HoldUnderweightPLN 10.80PLN 9.90
01/31/2018HoldUnderweightPLN 27.50PLN 25.70
12/11/2017HoldOverweightPLN 35.00-
10/26/2017BuyOverweightPLN 35.00PLN 26.95
07/03/2017BuyOverweightPLN 52.80PLN 42.24
05/18/2017BuyOverweightPLN 54.00PLN 46.00


Full reports are available for registered clients of BOŚ Brokerage House


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