Recommendations and analyses

Date of the reportFinancial institutionAnalystRecommendationTarget price
03/26/2024BM mBankKamil KliszczBuyPLN 172,96
02/05/2024DM BOŚ S.A.Łukasz ProkopiukBuyPLN 160.00
12/10/2023DM BOŚ S.A.Łukasz ProkopiukHoldPLN 105.00
10/23/2023DM BOŚ S.A.Łukasz ProkopiukHoldPLN 105.00
05/23/2023DM Trigon S.A.Michał KozakBuyPLN 137.50
04/26/2023DM BDM S.A.Krzysztof PadoNo recommendation-
03/14/2023BM Bank Pekao S.A.Krzysztof KoziełBuyPLN 137.61
01/26/2023DM BDM S.A.Krzysztof PadoNo recommendation-
12/14/2022DM Trigon S.A.Michał KozakBuyPLN 111.20


Reports are prepared for the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA within the framework of the Analytical Coverage Support Program. 3.0. This is an excerpt from the Polish version of DM BOŚ SA’s research report.

DateFundamental recommendation Market relative Target price Share price on the day of recommendation
06/09/2023BuyOverweightPLN 116.30PLN 109.00
05/10/2023HoldNeutralPLN 116.30PLN 118,60
03/14/2023BuyOverweightPLN 130.00PLN 105.60
12/04/2023BuyOverweightPLN 115.0PLN 93.00
11/20/2022BuyOverweighPLN 115.00PLN 87,60
10/27/2022BuyOverweightPLN 95.00PLN 70.20
08/16/2022BuyOverweightPLN 87.00PLN 64.50
12/05/2021HoldNeutralPLN 47.00PLN 41.00
08/25/2021BuyOverweightPLN 67.00PLN 48.05


Recommendations issued by Wydział Analiz i Rekomendacji Domu Maklerskiego BOŚ S.A.

DateFundamental recommendation Market relative Target price Share price on the day of recommendation
04/27/2021BuyOverweightPLN 65.00PLN 47.65
01/18/2021BuyOverweightPLN 49.00PLN 38.00
12/06/2020HoldUnderweightPLN 36.00PLN 30.20
10/22/2020HoldUnderweightPLN 32.00PLN 27.95
06/07/2020HoldOverweightPLN 45.00PLN 43.00
11/05/2020BuyOverweightPLN 40.00PLN 28.75
12/04/2019BuyOverweightPLN 38.00PLN 28.60
09/27/2019BuyOverweightPLN 31.50PLN 24.10
07/10/2019BuyOverweightPLN 25.50PLN 17.40
04/04/2019BuyOverweightPLN 21.50PLN 13.00
12/06/2019BuyOverweightPLN 13.80PLN 8.24
07/19/2018HoldUnderweightPLN 10.80PLN 9.90
01/31/2018HoldUnderweightPLN 27.50PLN 25.70
12/11/2017HoldOverweightPLN 35.00-
10/26/2017BuyOverweightPLN 35.00PLN 26.95
07/03/2017BuyOverweightPLN 52.80PLN 42.24
05/18/2017BuyOverweightPLN 54.00PLN 46.00


Full reports are available for registered clients of BOŚ Brokerage House


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