Market environment

Liquid fuel market

Year 2019 was another year of growing consumption with regard to liquid fuels. This is confirmed by latest market data prepared by POPiHN. The observed in the current year increase in the sales of fuels has its basis in the economic growth and larger incomes of the citizens, but is also influenced an effective execution of legal regulations (fuel package and transport package), which control the grey market (source: POPiHN).


LPG market

In 2019 one could observe a slight growth of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas market. According to the latest data published by POPiHN for three quarters of 2019, the consumption in this period grew by 4% yoy and amounted to 3.8 million m3. The segment structure of the LPG market in 2019 did not change significantly compared to the previous year. Still, its majority constitutes autogas – 3.1 million m3 in the period Q1-3 2019 and it was about 64% of the engine petrol market.


Natural gas market

In 2019 there were in force liberated in 2017 provisions that regulate the gas market in Poland, where a relevant issue is limiting the administrative supervision over the prices of gaseous fuels.



The demand for electricity is related to the economic growth in the country. According to the preliminary estimates of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) in 2019 the GDP grew by about 4.0% yoy (against the growth of 5.1% yoy in 2018).


Market of bitumen products

In 2019 the “Programme for the Construction of National Roads” until 2023 (with a perspective until 2025) was continued, which resulted in a growth in the market demand for bitumen products. The “Programme for the Construction of National Roads” defines the directions of actions and investment priorities in the scope of national roads network development in Poland.