Market environment

Liquid fuel market

In Poland we observe primarily consumption growth of liquid fuels. This is confirmed by latest market data. Higher sales results are achieved by legally operating oil companies, and the growth dynamics of the official sale in particular months since the beginning of the 2017 was at a very good level.


LPG market

In 2017 one could observe further growth of consumption on the market of LPG. According to the latest data published by POPiHN for 2017, the consumption in this period grew by 4% and amounted 4.8 million m3.


Natural gas market

The year 2017 was another successful one on the natural gas market – both with respect to sales as well as growing number of new connections of new customers and continuation of investments. At the same time one can notice a constant trend of an increasing share...


Electricity market

According to the data of National Power System (NPS), national demand for electricity in 2017 amounted 168,4 TWh and was higher by about 4 TWh, that is 2,4% than last year. National demand for electricity in Poland ...


Market of bitumen products

In 2018 the Programme for National Roads Construction scheduled until 2023 (with a perspective to 2025) was continued, which stimulated the growth in demand for bitumen products ...