Corporate Social Responsibility

In all areas of its activity, the Group complies with the principles of professionalism and business credibility, while at the same
time ensuring the quality and safety of the products it trades. We also conscientiously care for relations with clients, suppliers,
employees, local community and investors, basing them on respect and mutual trust. The UNIMOT Group tries to conduct its
business activity in a socially responsible and sustainable way, i.e. so that the needs of the present generation are satisfied
without diminishing the chances of future generations to satisfy their needs. The Group’s priority is to act transparently,
considering environmental (including climate), social and management objectives.
On 25.03.2022, the Board of Directors adopted a Sustainability Strategy, which is based on five pillars (strategic objectives)
addressing each of the main ESG areas: environment (“E” for environment), society (“S” for social responsibility) and corporate
governance (“G” for corporate governance). Under these pillars, the Group has defined twelve activities to achieve these
objectives. In addition to the existing internal regulations (policies, procedures) concerning the ESG area, additional regulations were adopted to support the achievement of the set objectives and activities. The Management Board declared to support the activities resulting from the above regulations and will ensure appropriate resources and means to implement the objectives defined therein. Full content of the Strategy was published on 25-03-2022 and posted on the website

The UNIMOT Group also endeavours to respect the natural environment and the surrounding in which it operates. As a fuel
company it strives to minimise the negative impact on the natural environment, among others, through a diligent
implementation of the National Indicative target and development of alternative means of transport powered with electricity.
The Group, being simultaneously also an electricity seller strives to ensure that it comes to the largest extent from renewable
energy sources.
The AVIA station chain offers Fairtrade-certified coffee in its new Eat&Go dining concept. The Fairtrade certification system
seeks to improve the situation of small farmers in the global South who grow coffee, among other things. Farmers in Fairtrade
cooperatives receive at least a minimum purchase price for their crops, which protects them from sharp price drops on the
world market. For every pound of coffee sold, they receive a Fairtrade premium for development projects. In addition to
economic issues, Fairtrade places great emphasis on appropriate social conditions – equal rights for women and combating
forced and child labour.
Unimot has been supporting education of outstanding, young Poles at best American and European universities (such as:
Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge) cooperating with the IVY Poland Foundation. It promotes education and
conducts a programme of tailored educational advisory. The selected candidates have been provided by the UNIMOT Group
with interest-free loans to cover the cost of tuition. In total the Group has granted loans for over 10 participants in the amount
of over PLN 200 thousand.
Unimot has also undertaken a number of activities that shape positive and responsible relations with the social groups that
surround us. It is involved in the local community by promoting sports activities and education. As part of its activities, it
sponsors, among others, the Kolejarz-Jura Częstochowa cycling club, Sports Club in Stalowa Wola and the
Association Speedway Fan Club Częstochowa. The association runs a speed-cycling club: Lwy AVIA Częstochowa. At the end of 2019, the Unimot Group established cooperation with the Zawadzkie municipality, where the registered office of Unimot S.A. is located. As part of the cooperation, Unimot donated an amount of PLN 100 thousand to the municipality, which in 2020 was used to build a modern and safe playground for children in the town centre. These funds also supported two local youth sports clubs: Nidan Karate Club and the Autonomous Handball Section. In 2021, another 100 thousand PLN was allocated for a community playground in Zawadzkie. In the first quarter of 2022 another PLN 100 thousand was donated to the Zawadzkie community for the construction of the third stage of the community playground, including the addition of playground equipment such as Skate Park and Pumptrack, and for the development of design documentation for the construction of a recreational area for seniors in the vicinity of the Social Welfare Centre building in Zawadzkie.

For humanitarian aid, Unimot made donations in the form of fuel supplies and funds. These funds were donated to
organisations that support those in need.

Summary value of in-kind and in-cash donations
Donation purpose/Beneficiary Value
Humanitarian Aid PLN 4 962 387
Zawadzkie Municipality PLN 102 000
Supporting development of sport among children and youths PLN 24 325
Supporting current activity of social organisations and institutions PLN 52 543

The Unimot Group became socially involved during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the very beginning, it supported the Polish Ministry of Health and donated over 1.5 million PLN for the purchase of rapid tests for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which were delivered to the Central Sanitary and Epidemic Reserve Base in Poręby near Zduńska Wola. This action was followed by others, and Unimot funded 10 thousand reusable protective masks for seniors from the Strzelce Opolskie district and Zawadzkie. municipality. Also, over 750 hand disinfecting liquids were donated to various state institutions in the Opole Province. This support reached, among others, the National Health Fund branch in Opole and the District Governor in Strzelce Opolskie.
On 24 June 2022, the Company published a non-financial report for 2021. The Company is not obliged to publish it in accordance with the CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – the obligation will only arise from 2024. The report is posted on the website: . The Company will publish annual non-financial reports periodically.