Corporate social responsibility is one of the pillars of UNIMOT’s activity. The goal of our actions in scope of CSR is Group’s sustainable development based on good relationships with our customers, partners, employees and local community.

Fulfilling the role of a responsible distributor of fuel and energy products we participate in projects related to environmental protection, comply with business honesty principles. We become involved in numerous sport and cultural initiatives. We have also implemented a diversity policy and are focused on transparency of our organisational structure.

The idea of corporate social responsibility has been implemented within both our brands – UNIMOT  and AVIA.



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UNIMOT has been actively participating in developing Poland’s energy security. In order to gain the independence from gas suppliers from Eastern European countries, we diversify sources of our supplies and we have been importing our products from various directions.

Since 2014 we have been developing gas transmission infrastructure and we possess in-house natural gas liquefaction plant.

Within creating best practices in the fuel industry and responding to the needs of our customers we have been conducting a number of actions aimed to simplify and accelerate purchasing transactions.

The most important ones of them include:

  • e-orders platform
  • SPOT price
  • fuel auto-casco
  • mobile application Tankuj24.

To integrate with our customers, we have been  conducting numerous actions, among others, presence at most important industry fairs, communication in social media and annual meetings for customers.



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Having in mind natural environment protection, UNIMOT has been conducting an educational campaign among the customers in the scope of replacing heating sources  with more environmentally-friendly ones. We have been promoting replacement of heating furnaces from coal-powered ones to gas-powered ones and educating household owners with respect to installation of domestic tanks of LPG oil.

We participate in modern and perspective projects aimed at reducing the emission of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, e.g. electromobility. Within this project charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed at AVIA fuel stations.

In an attempt to be more environmentally-friendly we have modified our fleet. Currently, a majority of our vehicles are powered with LPG.



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For years now UNIMOT has been supporting sports and cultural activity and has been involved in social campaigns. The most important sports initiatives where the brands of UNIMOT and AVIA have been partners, include:

  • International Ski Jumping
  • Speed Bike Club
  • Czestochowa Flying Club
  • Cycling Club Jura
  • Upper Silesia Rally
  • Transport Ride

In cooperation with the Ivy Poland Foundation, for several years we have been funding foreign scholarships for  most talented Polish students.

We have also joined social actions aimed at increasing the road safety, among others, supporting the initiatives of Masovia Roads Foundation.




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To ensure maintaining highest standards of work, we offer our employees not only attractive terms of employment (work contract), but also sports and medical care packages.

Within our structures particular attention has been attached to a transparent scope of duties. Having in mind supporting our employees in their individual career paths we have been co-financing:

  • language courses
  • upskill trainings
  • postgraduate courses.

Encouraging towards an active lifestyle, within the Group we promote sports passions and achievements of our employees. Every year in June we organise in the vicinity of our Company’s registered office (Zawadzkie) a canoeing trip and a cycling rally for them.