Structure of the Group

UNIMOT S.A. has created a strong capital group operating in the fuel & energy sector. The primary role of the other companies of the group is to develop very promising sectors of natural gas and electricity.

The UNIMOT Energia i Gaz company conducts commercial activities in the area of ​​sales of natural gas, liquid gas and electricity to business customers. Tradea is involved in the wholesale sale of electricity. The UNIMOT System  deal with the distribution of natural gas and  LNG regasification station. The company UNIMOT Paliwa focuses on fuel trading on the retail market.

There are also 3 foreign companies in the capital group. UNIMOT Ukraine LCC –  registered  in Kiev, which is responsible for the development of AVIA petrol station network in Ukraine. UNIMOT Asia LLC – based in Shanghai, which deals in the sale of petrochemical products under the AVIA brand on the Chinese market. UNIMOT Energy LCC –  registered  in Kiev, which is responsible for  wholesale sale of electricity on Ukrainian market.



More information about subsidiaries you can find on their websides: