LPG market

In 2019 one could observe a slight growth of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas market. According to the latest data published by POPiHN for three quarters of 2019, the consumption in this period grew by 4% yoy and amounted to 3.8 million m3. The segment structure of the LPG market in 2019 did not change significantly compared to the previous year. Still, its majority constitutes autogas – 3.1 million m3 in the period Q1-3 2019 and it was about 64% of the engine petrol market.

Simultaneously, so-called re-export of this type of fuel decreased (drop by 11% yoy to the level of 0.37 million m3), which demonstrates a still stable position of this fuel on the Polish market.

Similarly to previous years, the majority of the domestic demand is ensured by import, mainly from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, Within the first three quarters of 2019 the import of LPG amounted to 3.0 million m3 and its share in the market supply amounted to 79% – by 2 percentage points less than in the previous year.

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