Unimot S.A. with another shareholder exceeding 5% of shares

Date of publication: 12.01.24


To entities exceeding a 5% share in the shareholding structure of Unimot S.A. joined Zbigniew Juroszek and entities associated with him, including the Zbigniew Juroszek Family Foundation and Juroszek Holding. The Polish entrepreneur, along with his family, currently owns a total of 6.79% of the share capital and 6.51% of the votes at the general meeting of Unimot S.A.

“I am very pleased that Zbigniew Juroszek, along with his family, has joined the group of our key shareholders. It is particularly gratifying that this shareholder treats this transaction as a long-term investment, which is of utmost importance to us. This is a family business that fits very well with the profile of the Unimot Group, which has been developed by the Sikorski family for over 30 years. It is worth emphasizing that the ownership of shares by our family remains unchanged,” says Adam Sikorski, the President of the Management Board, Founder and Main Shareholder of Unimot S.A.

The Sikorski family, through Unimot Express sp. z o.o. and Zemadon Ltd., currently owns approximately 64% of the shares of Unimot S.A. Another shareholder owning more than 5% of Unimot S.A. shares is Nationale-Nederlanden Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne S.A.

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