UNIMOT has become a partner of UPEI

Date of publication: 27.06.23


UNIMOT Group has become a business partner of UPEI, the voice of Europe’s independent fuel importers and distributors within the fuel and energy markets. UPEI represents nearly 2,000 European entities.

This organisation brings together European importers and wholesale and retail fuel distributors, supplying Europe’s customers independently of the major energy producers. In addition, UPEI represents independent fuel companies at the European Union’s body levels, so UNIMOT, as a UPEI business partner, will have faster access to information about planned regulatory changes that may affect the Group’s business operation, particularly in areas related to the energy transition.

The organisation’s independent suppliers are mostly small and medium-sized businesses that cover more than a third of Europe’s fuel needs and thus play a key role in an ever-changing market by introducing competition. Independence makes it possible for such companies to respond quickly to upcoming changes in market structure, products, and services, thus contributing to supply security at the local, national, and European levels. Simultaneously, they are implementing new, cost-effective initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing pollution and emission levels.

UPEI brings together national associations and suppliers across Europe. UNIMOT became a business partner of UPEI in June 2023.

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