Olavion purchased four additional locomotives from Newag

Date of publication: 12.01.24


Olavion, a company belonging to the Unimot Capital Group, is expanding its fleet by purchasing four more locomotives from Newag. This decision is another step aimed at increasing the scale of Olavion’s operations and strengthening its market position. Earlier, in June 2023, Olavion ordered four locomotives from Newag.

Olavion exercised the option right provided in the agreement concluded in June of last year and ordered an additional four modern locomotives for a total price of PLN 75 million. Olavion retains the option to purchase up to 12 locomotives, which remains valid until the end of 2025. The Unimot Group is not obligated to purchase the entire number of locomotives specified in the purchase option pool.

“The decision to acquire another four locomotives is crucial for our long-term development strategy. Each new investment in our fleet is carefully analyzed from an economic standpoint to ensure maximum efficiency. This systematic expansion allows us to increase the scope of transport services provided to customers outside the Unimot Group and to service new contracts”, says Henryk Gruca, President of the Management Board of Olavion.

According to the schedule, the first two locomotives equipped with a diesel access module, ordered in January 2024, will be delivered 18 months from the date of the annex signing. The remaining two are scheduled to be delivered to Olavion after 30 months.



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