New image campaign is launched by the AVIA petrol station chain

Date of publication: 21.07.23


“Like a Swiss watch” is the latest slogan used to promote the Unimot Group’s AVIA petrol station chain in Poland. In addition to its Swiss origin, the brand claim referring to accuracy and precision is supported by the high-quality fuels, goods, and services offered at competitive prices. The new stage of the image campaign begins with the “Time for gaining Swiss prizes” competition.

The goal of the newly launched image campaign is to emphasise the AVIA petrol station chain’s competitive offer, both in terms of fuel prices and product and service quality. The “Like a Swiss watch” slogan refers to the values that are most frequently associated with one of Switzerland’s well-known products, i.e., the watch, and consequently to the remarkable precision and accuracy that are attributed to the mechanisms created by Swiss watchmakers. In doing so, the Polish AVIA petrol station chain highlights the fact that the brand’s stations’ services are characterised by their attention to every detail. This idea is perfectly complemented by the Eat&Go concept, which provides the petrol station’s customers with aromatic coffee and a shopping area with well-thought design and ergonomics.

Similarly to previous image campaigns, this one concentrates on the AVIA brand’s Swiss origin while stressing the high-quality standards implemented at our AVIA petrol stations across Poland. The most recent campaign is based on tried-and-true reputation of Swiss watches made of the highest-quality materials that are stylish yet practical. Therefore, the AVIA brand provides its customers with a convenient, comfortable, and also aesthetically pleasing Eat&Go shopping area, high-quality of fuel, a broad product range, and numerous price promotions” – says Robert Nowek, Managing Director of the AVIA petrol station chain in Poland and Ukraine, the Unimot Group.

Swiss style, also referred to as Swiss Design, is an important part of AVIA’s brand communication. This time, the campaign slogan is also associated with Switzerland’s cultural heritage, i.e., the products for which Switzerland is famous. The slogan is reflected in a popular Polish saying that brings about universal values, such as unique reliability and extreme precision.

The campaign starts with the “Time for gaining Swiss prizes” competition. The petrol station’s customers will have the chance to win Swatch watches through a weekly drawing. The main prize is a trip to Switzerland. The competition lasts till 2nd September 2023.

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