Market of bitumen products

In 2018 the Programme for National Roads Construction scheduled until 2023 (with a perspective to 2025) was continued, which stimulated the growth in demand for bitumen products. The Programme for National Roads Construction defines the directions of operations and investment priorities regarding the development of the national roads network in Poland.

It assumes completing the construction of the express roads and motorways as well as bypasses in the networks of national  roads.

The domestic producers ensure about 80% of the bitumen, the remaining part is imported, mainly from Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It is estimated that last year the demand for bitumen products reached the level of 1.2-1.3 million of tonnes. Primary bitumen products include: road bitumen, bitumen modified with PMB polymers and industrial bitumen.

The demand for bituminous binders is characterised by a high seasonability. In winter the demand is almost zero, increasing from March-April and reaching its peak in autumn. September and October are the months in which each year the demand for bitumen is the highest. The growth dynamism depends primarily on the length of the winter season.

In the years to come changes to the product and geographical structure will occur on the European market of bitumen. Following the coming into force the regulation IMO 2020 (introduced by the International Maritime Organisation), regarding a drastic decrease of the sulphur content in marine fuel, a change in the production structure by the European refineries will occur. To meet the requirements a number of the currently modernised refineries will increase the production of a “cleaner” fuel for vessels, reducing in this way the production of bitumen. It is estimated that at the same time part of the old-type refineries will in turn be able to increase their production capacity. This will cause that the key role in the future years may belong to efficient logistics and the issue of storing and conditioning bitumen products.


Trade organisations and institutions:


Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Poland

General Directorate for National Roads and Highways

Polish Asphalt Pavement Association

Polish Economic Road Association”