UNIMOT substantially increases the forecasts for 2016

Date of publication: 27.01.16


UNIMOT has introduced another correction of its financial forecasts for 2016. The Management Board of the Company estimates that the revenue from sales will by higher by 61% than it was previously assumed. Forecasts of net profit have been increased by over 87%.

Announced in 2014 forecasts of UNIMOT for the year 2016 assumed the net income from sales on the level of PLN 1 billion, and the net profit from sales in the amount of PLN 8 million. However, the dynamic rate of the Company’s development that has been taking place in the last two years, as well as higher than initially expected financial results for the previous year (which can be observed in the published incomes for December 2015, including incremental ones), constituted a basis for the Management Board to correct the previous forecasts. Currently, the Company estimates that the net income from sales in the present year will reach PLN 1.61 billion and the net profit of PLN 15 million.

 – UNIMOT S.A. has been very dynamically developing for the last two years – comments Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of the Company. – We have created a Capital Group, expanded our offer with the natural gas sector and intensified sales of bio-fuels. However, the most important thing is a rapid development in the scope of Diesel oil wholesale, which in 2015 constituted over a half of the Group’s general income structure. For a long time we have been recording regular growths of income and profits, and the investments we have made provide a basis for expecting our results to grow in the future. Having considered it all, we have decided to increase the previous forecasts.

The Company has excellent prospects of development and its financial condition is very good, which is confirmed, among others, by comparisons of its periodic results with the financial data for the same periods in previous years. At the beginning of the current year UNIMOT S.A. also acquired the company EnergoGas, in order to start a new sector of its activity.

– Electricity turnover is another area that we are adding to our offer. We expect to mark our presence on this market and function on it as a fully multi-utility subject. In the current year we also plan to continue a dynamic development in the Diesel oil sector and maintain high results of bio-fuels and liquefied gas sales. We intend to use all favourable factors to broaden the scope of our activity and achieve the assumed financial goals  – sums up Mr Brzozowski.

New forecasts of UNIMOT S.A. have been verified by a certified auditor.

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