UNIMOT S.A. announces official results for the year 2016. Profit goes up by 138%

Date of publication: 28.04.17


On 28 April UNIMOT S.A. published an annual report with the financial results for the year 2016. The Company reports incomes from sales at the level of PLN 2, 52 billion, which means an increase in incomes by 82,6% compared with the previous year. An impressive dynamism can be also observed at the level of net financial result. The consolidated net profit for the 12 months of the year 2016 amounted PLN 29,6 million, which is more by 138% than in the previous year.

 „This excellent result has been obtained largely thanks to a dynamic development of Diesel oil wholesale. We have recorded a significant growth in the volume of this fuel sale, especially in the second half of the year and we have increased the number of fuel depots providing the fuel throughout the country. Without a doubt a factor that fostered our development in this sector was introduction of so called fuel package, that is a set of laws aimed at limiting black market in fuel trade. A vital element of the obtained results has also been the growth in the wholesale of bio-fuels and bio-oils.” – comments Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT S.A.

In the letter to the shareholders, President Brzozowski emphasizes also one of the key competitive advantages of UNIMOT, which is innovativeness. An example of such innovative operations of the Company in 2016 was starting the transactional platform of Diesel oil sale called HurtPaliwa24. The platform is dedicated to business clients and presents real-time prices of Diesel oil, offered by UNIMOT at 12 fuel depots in the territory of Poland. Thanks to this, the Company’s customers have access to current market prices and can purchase fuel through the platform at the best price. Another innovative technology introduced by the Company in 2016 is a mobile application called Tankuj24, which enables Polish drivers to buy cheaper fuel. In the previous year the application Tankuj24 was tested and its full functionality will be available in 2017.

„Taking into account the constant development of the UNIMOT Group in 2016 we also made a decision to enter the segment of retail fuel sale. For this reason, the Company concluded an agreement with the AVIA INTERNATIONAL Association, on the basis of which we stated the process of creating a new network of fuel stations under a renowned in Europe brand of AVIA. Ultimately, within the three upcoming months we are planning to open 100 fuel stations under this brand in the business model based on franchise.” – adds President Brzozowski.

In the summary closing the letter to the shareholders the President of the Management ensures that the UNIMOT Group possesses competitive advantages, which in the changing market environments should guarantee the Company’s ability to grow steadily. He also promises maintaining the accepted dividend policy assuming dividend payment at the level of 30% of net profit.

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