UNIMOT grows dynamically: in the first quarter of 2016 the net profit grew by 283% rdr

Date of publication: 13.05.16


UNIMOT, a dynamically developing multi-utility capital group has published a financial report for the first quarter of 2016. In comparison with the corresponding period of the past year, the Group’s incomes grew by 34% reaching PLN 378,3 million and the net profit grew by 283% reaching PLN 7,83 million.

„The dynamic growth of incomes and profit results from the enlarged scale of operation and improved margins. The Group is increasing the number of depots that provide Diesel oil and is developing the wholesale of bio-fuels and bio-oils. Moreover, we maintain an important position among the importers and wholesale suppliers of LPG and we are also strengthening our leading position of its distributor in southern Poland” – says Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT.

In the first quarter of 2016 the Group worked out EBIT in the amount of PLN 10,3 million, which constitutes an increase by 179% in comparison to the first quarter of 2015. The result of EBITDA in the first quarter of 2016 was PLN 11,0 million, which constitutes an increase by 157% rdr. The EBIT margin grew from 1,3% to 2,7%, and the EBITDA margin grew from 1,5% to 2,9%.

„The growth of profitability indexes confirms the fact the optimizing actions we took, implemented in the previous periods, bring positive results” – says Mr Brzozowski.

In the first quarter of 2016 the UNIMOT Group reached the return on equity at the level of 11,0% – far higher than in the first quarter of 2015 (3,8%). Also the return on assets recorded an increase in relation to the corresponding period in 2015, from 0,9% to 2,2%.

The biggest share in the Group’s income in the first quarter of 2016 constituted Diesel oil trade, and the remaining relevant product lines include LPG and bio-fuels sale, continuous turnover of natural gas. Significant growth of incomes from natural gas sales from new sections is planned in the second half of 2017.

„Such good results allow us to maintain good forecasts of results for the year 2016. We expect that this year UNIMOT will reach a net profit at the level of PLN 15 million, and the incomes will reach PLN 1,6 billion” – concludes Robert Brzozowski.

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