UNIMOT finances education of most talented Polish students

Date of publication: 07.04.16


UNIMOT S.A. will support education of most talented Polish students at universities abroad. On the basis of the agreement concluded with the Ivy Poland Foundation, the Company will finance university courses of chosen students.

The UNIMOT Company has joined the group of Polish enterprises that actively support education of Polish youths abroad. Within the cooperation with the Ivy Poland Foundation the Company participates in the loan programme that enables Polish students education at best universities in the world. Chosen candidates of the Ivy Poland Foundation will receive non-interest loans, which will be used, among others, to cover the cost of tuition and expenditures connected with the stay in the place of studying.

 „Our Company has an extensive experience and competences in creating and managing human resources. We think that the key issue for development of Polish enterprises is recruiting young, highly-qualified staff. By supporting education of students at best foreign universities we believe that in the future they will strengthen public and private sector in our country, which will result in positive changes to Polish economy” – says Małgorzata Garncarek, Member of the Board and the Financial Director of UNIMOT S.A.

Established in 2013 Foundation, Ivy Poland, promotes and supports education of Polish students at best American and European universities, such as: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge. The Foundation encourages young people to study at foreign universities and then provides financing for those who have been accepted for chosen programmes (i.a. MBA, LLM, MPP, MPA or exchange programmes) and who plan to come back to Poland after graduation. Within the activity of the Foundation students are also supported in preparatiosn to work for companies and institutions.

I am very glad that UNIMOT S.A. wants to help the most ambitious Polish students, who cannot obtain funds to study at best universities in the world – comments Krzysztof Daniewski, President of the Board of the Ivy Poland Foundation. – I want to sincerely thank the Management of the Company for foresight and patriotic attitude. I hope that our cooperation will encourage other companies to support educational ambitions of young Poles”.

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