UNIMOT achieves record profits

Date of publication: 16.02.16


Prices of fuels are constantly decreasing, but an independent Polish importer of gas and liquid fuels, the UNIMOT S.A., achieves record profits higher by 220% than a year ago.

The year 2015 was characterised by a constant decreasing trend on the fuel market, however, despite this fact the Polish company UNIMOT S.A., listed on the NewConnect market, in the recently published financial report for the last quarter of 2015 indicated the highest net profis in its history.

As the consolidated financial report shows, in the IV quarter of 2015 the UNIMOT S.A. Group that trades liquid and gas fuels, achieved income at the level of PLN 450,3 million, that is twice as high as in the same period of the previous year. The net profit of the Group was PLN 4,2 million and was four times higher than a year ago. Cumulatively for the 12 months of the year 2015 the Unimot Group achieved income from sale at the level of PLN 1 385,6 million, which means a growth by 104% in comparison to the year 2014. The highest dynamism of growth the Group achieved at the level of net profit. For the 12 months of 2015 the net profit amounted PLN 12,5 million, which is higher by 220% than in 2014.

The comment of The President of UNIMOT S.A.

The reason that the results in the last quarter of 2015 are so good is mainly the dynamic development of the Diesel oil wholesale – comments Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of the Board of UNIMOT S.A. – We have increased the number of depots providing our product, thanks to this a geographical expansion of the Company’s offer took place. We also developed the trade department of this sector, thus intensifying the cooperation with the contractors. We have also recorded asignificant growth in the bio-fuels and bio-oils sector. The trade of these fuels constituted almost a 40% share in the Company’s sales. This was influenced both by widening the purchasing sources and favourable market prices of these fuels, which as a result produced a higher margin.

Taking over Enegrogas

It is alo worth noticing that in the IV quarter of 2015 UNIMOT purchased a new company – Energogas, which trades electricity and natural gas. The Company possess concessions for electricity trade (OEE), gas fuels trade (OPG) and liquid fuels trade (OPC).

The purchase of Energogas is a thoroughly considered development strategy of the UNIMOT Group, the aim of which is to prepare the Group to start the sales of electricity – adds Mr Brzozowski – We want to develop the Company’s offer as a multiutility co

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