Record incomes of UNIMOT at the level of PLN 1,4 billion and three times higher profit in 2015

Date of publication: 13.04.16


UNIMOT S.A., a dynamically developing multiutility company has published an annual financial statement. In 2015 the Group made a net profit of PLN 12,6 million in comparison to PLN 3,8 million in the year 2014, and its income has grown up to the amount of PLN 1,4 billion 666 million. President of UNIMOT announces that the Management Board will recommend to allocate 30% of the profit for the dividend payment.

 „Achieving such positive financial results has been largely influenced by the dynamic development of Diesel oil wholesale. We have increased the number of fuel depots where we make this product available, which influenced  geographical expansion of our offer – writes the President of UNIMOT S.A. Mr Robert Brzozowski in his letter to the shareholders.

The President  reminds that in the year 2015 UNIMOT made a strategic decision to take over the EnergoGas Sp. z o. o., which possess concessions for electricity and natural gas trading. „Thanks to this turnover in 2016 the UNIMOT Group will enter a new area of activity connected with electricity sale” – says the President. “This is going to be one of the elements of widening the multiutility offer of the Group within which we will offer, among others, Diesel oil, liquefied gas, bio-fuels, natural gas and electricity” – adds Mr Brzozowski.

Mr Robert Brzozowski also indicates that one of the most important events in 2016 is going to be the planned issuance of 4 million of new shares. “The aim of the issuance is first of all acquiring the capital, which will enable the Company to continue its dynamic development” – writes the President of UNIMOT.

Moreover, in his letter to the shareholders the President informs that in accordance with the accepted dividend policy at the next General Meeting of Shareholders the Management is going to recommend dividend payment at the level of 30% of net profit. This means that if the GMS accepts the recommendation the dividend will be paid in the amount of PLN 0,68 per share. The remaining part of the profit will be allocated for the development of operational activity of the Company.

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