Date of publication: 12.06.15


We are pleased to inform that Unimot S.A won  this year’s plebiscite “Akcenty 2014” . Internet users who voted on the portal, decided that in the past year ,  our company  stood out among other  firms and was the most visible on the fuel market.

Akcenty plebiscite was organized for the third time, by the Information Market S.A. As in previous years, consumers  and users of the professional branch portal –, award prizes. In this year, ten companies  and institutions from the fuel market participated in this competition . The first place was taken by company UNIMOT SA, voters agreed that this title “ Accent 2014” should receive our Company for taking great challenge and  despite the problem of the gray zone – our  commitment in wholesale diesel.  Just behind UNIMOT SA , was Novatek Poland  and the third place was taken by the company Total Poland.

On 10 June, winners received their statuettes during the banquet at  the International Fair Fuel – the Future Business Station Wroclaw 2015. Adam Sikorski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board received an award.

It’s a nice surprise, that our company found among such companies as Total the oil company and Novatek – commented Adam Sikorski. – It shows that Poland is a place for independent importers of fuel. This award will be for our company a further incentive for  further dynamic development. Thank you very much to all our customers and business partners for their trust.

 During this year meeting, at Petrochemical Industry Polish Fuel Market in Wroclaw, Adam Sikorski presented speech “Russian diesel – a new force in Europe?”. During this speech he discussed issues related to the quantity of oil refining in Russia, export destinations and impact of the observed changes on the situation in Poland and Europe.

Meetings of the Petrochemical Industry organized by,  are  combination of knowledge and business, they are an excellent opportunity to meet the top and middle  management from the fuel industry related with local and international companies,  representatives of importers and companies involved in wholesale fuel.

We would like to thank everyone for the votes cast at us, during this year plebiscite “Akcenty 2014”, thus expressing appreciation for  our Company activities and appreciating our development.

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