Date of publication: 28.04.15


UNIMOT received the title The Authorized Economic Operator – AEO, which  gives the company preferential treatment  by the customs authorities and significantly speed up trade with foreign countries.

The Customs Chamber in Opole granted our  Company Certificate of Authorized Economic  Operator – AEO, which is to benefit from simplifications provided for under the customs rules and/or facilitations with regard to customs controls throughout the European Union. An official hand in of AEO Certificate  took place on 24 April at the headquarters of the Customs Chamber in Opole. The certificate was given to CEO Unimot Mr. Przemyslaw Podgorski.

– The AEO certificate is a guarantee of compliance with Community law while making international transactions and therefore recognition UNIMOT SA for Authorized Economic Operator,  i.e. being privileged. This certificate will give us an opportunity to improve and speed up the Company’s operations within the framework of international shipments customs clearance-  said Przemyslaw Podgorski.

During the adjustment  process,  which meets  the requirements of the audit, the Company has been subjected to detailed analysis conducted by the customs authority. The audit also examined : accounting systems, logistics, electronic systems for the exchange of information, checked the security of documents and information.

Thanks to proper compliance by the Company with customs requirements, the audit process went very smoothly and was completed within five months from the date of submission of the application – said Czeslaw Florecki, (Project coordinator acting on behalf of UNIMOT SA).

As an Authorized Economic Operator, the Company is entitled to extra amenities related to trading in goods . The customs authorities of all Member States of the European Union  shall give priority  to our company and instantly support the issuance of all applications and certificates. The company will be informed in advance regarding checking’s on goods carried,  that will be  performed by customs officers and has the possibility to request an inspection at a place other than the customs office. The company is also subject to a fewer number of goods and documents control than other operators.

Being in a small group of trusted companies, which are reliable for the customs authorities  will  improve the reliability of the Company and how is perceived by other companies and contractors. Once the AEO status was obtained,  it will increase supply chain efficiency  and improve the value of the  projects implemented by our Group  – said Przemyslaw Podgorski.

All provisions regarding authorized economic operator , entered into force in 2008. Their goal was to increase the security of international trade and to simplify customs procedures. The AEO status is recognized throughout the European Community.

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