Date of publication: 03.11.14


Mazovian Province  started producing liquefied natural gas. Theinstallation of condensation of methane belongs to one of the companies of UNIMOT SA.

In the last days of October in Uniszki Zawadzkie near Mława, at the point  of liquefaction of natural gas, we have made condensation of natural gas. The installation , which belongs to SPV of Unimot S.A has its own connection to the natural gas network  and is one of four natural gas liquefaction plants in Poland. Construction and installation  procedures related to the launch point started in May this year.

We are very proud of this project- says Przemyslaw Podgórski  President Unimot S.A. We have completed a major step in our strategy for trade in natural gas,  which assuming the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for gasification, to the so-called white spots  or places without access to mains gas. Own production of LNG will increase the flexibility of its distribution. It will also help the Company to become independent from external suppliers and supply their own regasification plant  that we launched this year in three different regions of the country. Any surplus  of  LNG, Company intends to invest in their own emerging LNG regasifications plant and sell to external customers.

It is worth mention that the point of condensation of methane for UNIMOT  is located in a very convenient location which is in the Mazovian province and a source of high-methane gas is our own connection to the nearby industrial network which belongs to  Gaz-System. Other natural gas liquefaction plants are located in the following regions: Western-Pomerania, Greater Poland and Silesian.

In order to reach full production capacity, we are currently working on optimizing the efficiency of LNG. The finalization of the investment process will occur before the end of this year.

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