Date of publication: 05.02.15


Unimot S.A received a license  from URE to conduct business activities abroad in the form of trade in Liguid fuels. The company found in a small group of entities with this license.

President of the Energy Regulatory Office granted UNIMOT SA concession on trade in liquid fuels from abroad (OPZ). As a result, the Company may trade in liquefied petroleum gas, diesel and biofuels with foreign entities. In order to obtain this license, in accordance with the amended Act on stocks from 21 July 2014, was submission  by the Company the  security  in the amount of 10 million polish zloty to cover potential claims related to their business. The security protects : an annual fee due to hold a license, fee and tax liability up in terms of VAT and excise duties.

Obtained concession allow the Company to take advantage of the full potential offered by the international market for liquid fuels – says Przemyslaw Podgorski, CEO UNIMOT SA – Considering very  rapid development of the company in diesel and biofuels  sector in the last six months, the marketing of these products, as well as liquefied petroleum gas will further strengthen the Company’s position in these three segments and will contribute to the expansion of activities into new areas.

It is worth to mention that UNIMOT SA is among 45 companies, which have made high security and have a new license. We hope that these changes will contribute to reduce the grey market in the course of liquid fuels – Przemyslaw Podgorski added.

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