Date of publication: 09.10.15


UNIMOT has increased the security deposit. As a subject supplying fuels, UNIMOT adjusted the deposit to the maximum amount of PLN 10 million.

According to the amended in April 2015 law on tax on goods and services and coming into effect new responsibilities in the scope of joint and several liability, UNIMOT S.A. has increased the amount of deposit, which constitutes a security to tax payment. Thus, as a subject supplying fuels, the Company will ensure a better protection of the national budget interest as well as honest taxpayers. The increase of the deposit to the maximum amount of PLN 10 million was conducted by means of increasing the bank guarantee.

We remind that in June 2014 the Company increased the amount of the deposit to the maximum required at that time level of PLN 3 million. This placed UNIMOT in a small group of fuel suppliers with maximum security.

Thanks to the security deposit, the purchaser of fuels from UNIMOT S.A. is solely excluded from the joint and several liability for unremitted by the supplier VAT tax. This solution acts against, among others, falsely obtaining VAT refunds and abuses.

To check if the contractor has contributed the security deposit please visit the Ministry of Finance website

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