UNIMOT plans to commence production of photovoltaic panels

Date of publication: 26.08.20


Within 9 months UNIMOT S.A. plans to commence in Sędziszów Małopolski its own line producing photovoltaic panels, which will be offered to customers under the AVIA Solar brand.

In H1 2020 the UNIMOT Capital Group commenced the sales of services related with installation of photovoltaic panels under the AVIA brand through its subsidiary UNIMOT Energia i Gaz. The offer for installation of panels is comprehensive and covers energy consultancy, offer of assembling photovoltaic panels combined with the services of storing energy and electricity supplies from the grid. Another step in this segment’s development in the UNIMOT Group is the planned commencement of own production of photovoltaic panels.

Within 9 months we are planning to commence the production of own photovoltaic panels, which will be sold under the AVIA Solar brand. Dedicated for this task production line, which will be financed by UNIMOT S.A., will be located in Sędziszów Małopolski in the production plant of PZL Sędziszów – says Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. Commencing the production of own panels is our answer to the dynamic development of this market in Poland as well as success of the project AVIA Solar, which we launched in May this year. Having our own production line will increase the security of panel supplies for UNIMOT Energia i Gaz and will allow to achieve additional margins in the whole supply chain. Placing the production in the already existing plant in Sędziszów Małopolski will allow us to decrease CAPEX of the investment, which at the first stage will not exceed EUR 500.000 – adds Mr Adam Sikorski.

PZL Sędziszów S.A. is a well-known plant from the Podkarpackie Province with 80 years of experience in specialist production for the aviation and automotive industry. The company also runs an R&D centre, presently focused on renewable energy sources, which is also developing production of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage.

The new production line of photovoltaic panels in our plant will unite the whole RES project, which we are dynamically developing in PZL Sędziszów being supported by the province and local authorities in the territory of Podkarpacie – says Mr Grzegorz Trafiał, Member of the Board of PZL Sędziszów S.A.  Currently, we own the brand Battery Guru, under which we produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, we are also dynamically developing stationary and mobile power storages as well as our R&D centre. I am convinced that the cooperation with UNIMOT S.A. is perfectly in line with our new competencies and will allow both companies to develop modern technologies in the energy industry – adds Mr Grzegorz Trafiał.

The capacity of the planned production line at the initial stage is foreseen to reach about 15MW and will be increased until it reaches the ultimate 150MW. The line for producing photovoltaic panels will be supplied by the German company, which will also launch it in the plant in Sędziszów Małopolski and will ensure indispensable training for employees, certification and support in building the supply chain of raw resources for production.

While planning the development of the UNIMOT Group on the market of photovoltaics we try to predict the behaviour of this market for several years ahead. We believe that it is so attractive that it will be becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, we are already now analysing how to ensure a competitive advantage over other its participants. I am convinced that access to our own photovoltaic panels and development of this technology inside our Capital Group will build its value, ensure us a competitive advantage for a long time and will bring us additional revenues in the future – claims President Sikorski.

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