Unimot launches deliveries of diesel fuel via terminal in Denmark

Date of publication: 05.04.22


Unimot Group, a WSE-listed independent importer of liquid and gaseous fuels, is diversifying its diesel supply chain. For this purpose, the Gulfhavn terminal located in Denmark will be used. Unimot has already concluded a contract for the first delivery of diesel fuel from the Middle East, which will arrive in Poland via a terminal in Denmark as early as April.


The Gulfhavn deep-water oil terminal allows for unloading diesel from the largest tankers arriving in Europe from directions other than Russia and for transporting the fuel to Poland and, if necessary, to all other ports in the Baltic Sea. Three tanks with a total capacity of 127,000 m³, as leased by the Unimot Group, will be able to be used by the Group from 15th April 2022. It should be noted that the first deliveries of raw material with a volume of 70,000 m³ will reach the terminal between 17th and 21st April. The contract for the use of the tanks at the Gufhavn terminal in Denmark is concluded for one year and may be extended.

The focus on multi-sourcing to diversify the raw material supply chain has been our priority for some period of time. However, the Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has only accelerated this process. The leasing of the terminal in Denmark, and the supplies launched, may be considered a big step towards total energy independence from Russia. In addition, it will be possible to make the terminal available to other entities intending to use it to import diesel into Europe from a country other than Russia, says Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of Unimot.

The handling capacity of terminals makes it possible to fully satisfy Poland’s diesel import needs (not only the volumes currently handled by Unimot). It should be pointed out that they will create additional trading opportunities. At present, the Unimot Group is searching for further alternative sources to cut its import of raw material from Russia as soon as possible.

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