UNIMOT Group has signed a letter of intent with a new member of AVIA INTERNATIONAL in Poland

Date of publication: 10.06.21


The UNIMOT Group, which has introduced the AVIA brand to the Polish market,  has signed a letter of intent with the Pieprzyk Group – a new member of the association AVIA INTERNATIONAL. The letter assumes commencing the talks that are supposed to work out the areas and models of collaboration among the Polish operators of AVIA stations. Thanks to the enlargement of the group of AVIA INTERNATIONAL members the number of petrol stations functioning under the AVIA brand in Poland will grow to over 140. Presently, there are about 3200 stations operating in the entire Europe under the AVIA brand, which are owned by 90 members of the association

AVIA INTERNATIONAL functions in the entire Europe based on the principle of collaboration of independent entities that own and operate petrol stations and their energy business under the same brand. In Germany, the country with the largest number of operating stations – almost 900 of AVIA stations, we have 32 AVIA member companies, in Switzerland approx. 600 stations are owned by 10 members of our association, in Spain in turn a multiple of owners of petrol stations have joined forces in one single member company and operate in total 200 stations. In each country where we are present the model of collaboration between the member companies can be  different. However, we successfully make use of the strength of the AVIA brand building on the position of local family-owned member companies. I am convinced this will also happen in Poland, so I am extremely pleased that the group of AVIA stations owners has been joined by another Polish firm, the Pieprzyk Group – says Mr Mario Tonini, the Managing Director of AVIA INTERNATIONAL.

After the Pieprzyk Group had joined the AVIA INTERNATIONAL association, The UNIMOT Group signed a letter of intent with the new member of the association, which assumes commencing the talks that are supposed to work out the areas and model of collaboration among the AVIA chain operators in Poland. All the decisions, being an outcome of these arrangements, will be taken after receiving all corporate approvals, when such needs are identified, regulatory approvals.

As the UNIMOT Group we have introduced to the Polish market the AVIA chain and have been developing it since 2016, when we joined AVIA INTERNATIONAL. We are pleased that the group of the members of association, simultaneously operators of stations under the AVIA brand, has been joined by another Polish firm. This will certainly positively influence the brand awareness among the customers, and this will translate into a success of each of the owners of AVIA stations. Like the other European countries, we will together seek for the common ground of collaboration, which I hope will be appreciated by both our customers and investors – says Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT.

The UNIMOT Group, which has been functioning on the Polish market for over 25 years, until now has been the only operator of AVIA stations in Poland. Currently, it owns 65 stations of this brand, and until the end of 2023, in accordance with the adopted development strategy, it is going to expand the chain of its stations  to 200 of new facilities. The new petrol stations of AVIA, which are owned by the UNIMOT Group, since 2020 have been equipped with an original, modern concept Eat&Go, which is a combination of minimalism, fashionable colours, market trends and ergonomics of a modern convenience shop.

On 9th June the group of members of AVIA INTERNATIONAL was joined by the Pieprzyk Group, thanks to which 80 petrol stations of this Group will turn into the stations of AVIA brand. The history of the Pieprzyk Group dates back to 1989, and the first petrol station under this brand began its functioning in 1993. The Pieprzyk Group has been developing its chain primarily in northwest and central Poland.

Joining the AVIA INTERNATIONAL association opens up new opportunities in the development of our chain under a strong, European brand, at the same time strengthening the AVIA chain. As the Pieprzyk Group we will still own these stations and will cooperate with our suppliers of fuels and products. Simultaneously,  we will be able to make use of the experience gained by the largest European operators of petrol stations and share our solutions. All the customers who have trusted us so far and appreciate our history of almost 30 years in the fuel sector will surely easily recognise our stations as the logo of the Pieprzyk Group will be next to the one of AVIA on the price pylon. The AVIA brand is a new chapter in the history of the Pieprzyk Group, and I am convinced that the collaboration will be especially beneficial for our customers – says Mr Antoni Pieprzyk, President of the Pieprzyk Group.

The AVIA brand was established in Switzerland in 1927 as a result of joining forces by several independent importers of petroleum. Presently, the AVIA INTERNATIONAL association gathers over 90 firms from 15 European countries and manages the chain of 3200 petrol stations, being in the seventh place with regard to the number of petrol stations in Europe. AVIA is popular in such countries as: Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, or Spain. Other products are also offered under the AVIA brand in Europe, such as: oils and lubricants, natural gas, liquefied gas, heating oil and electricity.

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