Date of publication: 09.09.14


Company UNIMOT GAZ S.A decided to take over a large part of the company responsible for  wholesales of fuel. From the beginning of  September, an  intensive actions regarding this investment have been made.

UNIMOT GAZ S.A operations in relation to diesel fuel will be extended soon. UNIMOT GAZ S.A is preparing to takeover profitable part of the company, which is on the market from 20 years and is responsible for wholesale of liquid fuels.

Mentioned part of the company is owned by the main shareholder of the Company – Unimot Express Sp. Ltd, specializing in domestic and international trade in petrochemical products. Acquired fuel sector, whose business is located mainly in southern  Poland, generates approx. 70% of revenues.

The Board of UNIMOT GAZ S.A decided to buy this part of the company, because it will significantly increase the range and capabilities of the Company’s activities in the oil sector, where sales we have  began in the second quarter- said Przemyslaw Podgorski, CEO Unimot Gaz. An important benefit of this transaction, will be acquiring profitable ZCP, with ongoing annual revenue of 127 million and a result of 1.3 million. It should be noted,  that the purchased sector belongs to the Company from the Group of companies, which will increase the importance of the security of transactions and will bring many business benefits to the Company.

Through the proposed transaction, Unimot Gaz S.A will expand the range of activities in the oil sector of the southern regions of the country. Company will also gain a considerable customer base and business partners with a long history of cooperation, intensifying the already implemented fuel sales using the OLPP database in Boronow. In turn, the Company’s workplace  will be benefited with a high-class specialists who have years of experience in the fuel industry.

Currently, Board of the company is under intense actions  to determine the final terms of the transaction.

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