Date of publication: 02.07.14


UNIMOT GAZ was entered  on the list for  the biggest and most cash flow companies  from the alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, qualified our company to the  New Connect Lead segment.

UNIMOT GAZ SA has a good chance to transfer its listing on the main market of the stock exchange. The Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange decided to qualify our  Company  to Lead NC segment and at the same time we gained the title of  Company-Leader. This is confirmation that the company has a high growth rate and prove that  it is worth to closer attention.

During the qualification for the index of the control rules , the data for the last six months of  Unimot Gaz activity held on the New Connect market were taken into account, as well as analysis  quantity and quality criteria. There were verified the Company’s compliance along with the rules and regulations in the performance of duties with respect to investors information and the application of corporate governance principles set out in the document “Good Practices of Companies Listed on the NewConnect”.

– Classification of UNIMOT GAZ SA to NC lead segment is a great honor and distinction – says Boguslaw Satlawa, CEO of UNIMOT GAZ SA.  – “Company-Leader “ Title, raises our prestige but mainly confirms that the company bind great importance to the standards of fulfilling its disclosure obligations. I hope that we will use this promotion to transfer the Company to the market in the shortest period of time.

New Connect Lead Segment promotes the companies from the alternative market, which meeting the highest criteria of admissibility on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Stock Exchange increased investor interest in the company with an annotation that the position of the leader  will keep only those who constantly fulfill the NCLead requirements .

Qualification f the Company to the NC segment  gives a special designation  in information services of Warsaw Stock Exchange and a separate presentation in  rating  results. Verification of the list of companies in the NC Lead segment is carried out once a quarter.

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