Date of publication: 08.07.14


UNIMOT GAZ continues to develop  gas network to the further not supplied areas.  Due to this fact, Company which is  dependent from UNIMOT GAZ, purchased the new entity.

At the beginning of  July, UNIMOT GAZ made ​​another important investment, which is  purchase of natural gas distribution network. At present  company became a supplier of natural gas to customers located in two areas: Tuczno (the West Pomerania province) and Wielen (the Wielkopolska province).

On the designated areas, entity purchased by the SPV has its own infrastructure. There are situated, LNG regasification station along  with the necessary technical and measurement infrastructure built on the basis of cryogenic tanks (LNG) and local gas network with suitable connections. Gas network in Tuczno is working already, while the network in Wielen is in the final stage of implementation. Depending on future needs, the network can be expanded and can be connected to another customers.

– The aim of the present operations  is to fulfill of gas demand for the leading companies, government institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individual customers in the towns Tuczno and Wielen – says Przemysław Podgorski, Member of the Board UNIMOT GAZ S.A. – It is worth noting, that among our new customers of natural gas is one of the largest international chocolate manufacturers, Polish branches of the leading companies related to car accessories, leisure and sport equipment. As a result of mentioned investment, the estimated sales of natural gas realized by the Unimot Gaz SA Group will increase ultimately by about 1.3 million m3 per year.

LNG Supplies responsible for installations are imported from Russia (Gazprom Group) but only until new LNG production situated in our country will be launched. The company is also implementing a project to build natural gas distribution network (LNG) situated in the province of Podlasie. Mentioned investment has just received a building permit.

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