Date of publication: 19.12.13


New foreign investors became shareholders of UNIMOT GAZ S.A. Two prestigious companies of long-standing experience on the Spanish gas market have acquired company’s shares.

Companies INCOGAS and MOKA CONSULTING S.L. became new shareholders of UNIMOT GAZ S.A. Pursuant the contracts signed on 17 and 18 December by the Managing Board of UNIMOT Express Sp. z o.o. (the main shareholder of the Company) with mentioned Companies, new investors will acquire a 5% share in the Company’s initial capital and a 4,10% share in the total number of voting rights of the Company’s General Meeting .

Acquiring new investors is in the best interest of the Company, as well as in the best interest of its existing shareholders”, commented Przemysław Pogórski, a Member of Board of UNIMOT GAZ S.A.

INCOGAS has extensive experience in trade of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). MOKA CONSULTING S.A. in its turn, specialises in widely understood consulting to the oil and gas sector. Considering that, as well as aimed by UNIMOT GAZ S.A. expansion of trade in natural gas, support of both companies in the area of „know-how” sharing, will be extremely valuable for us. ”

INGENIERÍA Y COMERCIALIZACIÓN DEL GAS, S.A. („INCOGAS”) is a private Spanish company, established in 2001. The area of Company’s expertise is trade and distribution of natural gas and other fuels. The clients of Incogas are companies operating in different sectors of industry (including ceramics industry, metallurgical industry, paper industry), as well as end buyers. The main shareholder of the Company is Energia Ceramica S.L., (ENCERSA), a company controlled by 24 industrial groups, including 51 considerable consumers of gas. Incogas is one of nine companies active on Spanish gas market, present on it since 2004. Incogas signed long-term and short-term contracts with ENAGAS – the main supplier of natural gas in Spain. Current output of the Company comes to 4700 GWh per annum.

MOKA CONSULTING S.L. („MOKA”) provides consulting services to companies from oil and gas sectors. Due to long-standing experience of its employees and extensive connections in several countries (among others in Africa and Middle East), the Company provides its partners with tailored business solutions regarding signing long-term contracts for raw materials supplying. The Company supports clients in defining strategies, performing business and technical analyses and in negotiating processes, helping them to come to the best solutions. Moka Consulting S.L. is a Spanish company, established in March 2007 by Isaac Querub – former general director of Glencore, and James Bentolilia – also connected with Glencore in the past, having long-standing experience in negotiating and concluding trade contracts, cooperation with governments and international oil companies and in project financing.

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