Date of publication: 09.01.15


UNIMOT SA became the exclusive supplier of natural gas to the Katowice Airport. The company’s offer turned out to be the most advantageous tender for the supply of fuel.

Since the beginning of year 2015, Unimot supplies natural gas to the International Airport in Pyrzowice-Katowice. The company has offered the most competitive price in the public tender for the supply of gas to the GTL (The Upper Silesian Airport Group), which supervises the maintenance and development of infrastructure at the Airport in Pyrzowice-Katowice.

– During the current year, as part of a comprehensive agreement, UNIMOT SA will deliver to the airport in Pyrzowice approx. 8.1 million kWh of gas. The company also provides transportation and is responsible for the continuity of supply of natural gas – explains Grzegorz Domanski, Director Natural Gas Trading in UNIMOT SA – We are heavily involved in the changes in the natural gas trading market. We recognize the needs of the market, we have highly qualified professionals, which helps us to prepare competitive  offers and provide our customers with the highest quality services. This results in the next, finalized transactions, which include tender that we just won.

We would like to remind that the first tariff for UNIMOT SA on trade in natural gas, has been  approved by the President of URE in May 2014. From that moment, the Company has the option to acquire customers and sell of high-methane gas.

In addition, since September 2014 UNIMOT SA is directly involved in the wholesale trading of natural gas, executing business transactions via TGE (TGE Gas Engineering). As a result, the Company is involved in an active market game.

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