Date of publication: 05.12.14


UNIMOT SA was admitted to the structures of EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) supporting energy trading in Europe. Membership in such a prestigious Association , will increase  the Company’s activity  in the international energy market and will open new perspectives for the future operations.

European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) is an association of energy traders operating in the wholesale markets for electricity and gas. The association was founded in 1999 as a response to liberalization of the markets in the European Union and in order to enable the exchange of information between energy market participants. EFET mission is to improve the operation of European wholesale energy markets and enhance the performance of traders and their support functions in those markets. EFET reinforce the markets’ functionality and facilitate their liquidity and transparency.

Among many valuable features which make this organization so special, it is worth mention: strict impartiality, the international nature, non-profit character, openness and equality in all its activities, high quality and efficiency in  delivery models to  support  associated organizations .

EFET is a group of  126 energy trading companies  from over  27 European countries. The Members of this  Association are important foreign companies such as: Gazprom, BP, Shell, Total, Vitol ,among this group are also  Polish companies PGE, PGNiG, Tauron Polish Energy.

Membership in  EFET will help UNIMOT SA increase its productivity on the international market for gas trading and will certainly help to simplify and thus  speed up of certain business transactions.

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