Date of publication: 12.06.15


At the end of May, in Warsaw an important conference took place . Conference was  dedicated to the LNG market in Poland, Europe and the world. Grzegorz Domanski ,the director of Natural gas in Unimot , was one of the speakers.

The 6 th Conference, “ LNG in Poland and Europe, New  model of the gas market  “ brought together an important representatives of gas market, such as Ministry of Economy, Oil and Gas Institute, PGNiG S.A, LNG-Silesia. This year edition was dedicated to the status of implementation of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujscie and increase the energy security of Poland. In the first part of the conference,  was  discussed the current state of the construction of the terminal in
Świnoujscie,  along with the necessary transmission infrastructure and storage. There were also presented, the possibilities of  transporting LNG from Klaipeda to Poland and discussed the necessity of expanding transmission networks and building of interconnectors, which will allow Polish industrial customers use the services of other Baltic terminal.

The representative of UNIMOT SA – Grzegorz Domanski presented  problems of the production and marketing of LNG in the country, focusing on technological challenges and various approach to both target models of liquefying units, as well as the costs associated with them, everything have been  discussed on the examples associated with the current functioning of the LNG market in Poland. Other important topics that  were presented  by our expert , were  quality of gas, both in terms of the parameters of temperature, pressure, calorific value and utility. He presented the costs of  business activities of condensation fuel, pointing to the coherence of specific business solutions on the sales side and on the threats and opportunities posed by the development of the liquefied fuel market.

Invited experts also discussed: current status and prospect of development of domestic LNG production ; environmental conditions and obligations related to LNG  transportation; regasification and trade;  import LNG from US Regulations, models of LNG contracts , prices of LNG in US and import costs to Europe; Concessions, tariffs and other regulatory conditions of activities in the gas market in Poland and LNG on worlds markets; pricing models, buyers (Purchasing groups) and sellers (integrated offers) strategies.

In the second part of the conference , experts  discussed current trends and determinants of the global LNG market. The experts presented models of pricing strategies of buyers and sellers and ways of contracting LNG on the SPOT market.

The conference was attended by, managers representing the major companies from the gas sector from Poland and the Central Europe, the major industrial gas recipients in the region and the leading European gas companies interested in expansion in the Central Europe region.

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