UNIMOT added to the list of entities subject to special protection

Date of publication: 30.12.22


As of 1st January 2023, UNIMOT S.A., operating within a strategic sector of the Polish economy, will be entered into the list of protected entities as stipulated in the Act on the Control of Certain Investments.

Pursuant to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the list of protected entities and the competent inspection authorities, UNIMOT S.A. has been classified as an entity subject to the special protection stipulated in the Act on the Control of Certain Investments.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act referred to above, if it is intended to reach or exceed 20 %, 25 %, 33 % and 50 % of the total number of votes at the general shareholders’ meeting of the company subject to special protection, the investor is obliged to submit to the inspection mechanism and file a relevant notification with the inspection authority of the intention to make an investment. With regard to UNIMOT, the minister competent for state assets has been designated as the inspection authority.

The Management Board of UNIMOT expresses its favourable opinion on the Company’s entry into the list of protected entities. According to the Management Board, this clearly demonstrates UNIMOT’s status as a strategic entity for the Polish economy, as well as an appreciation for its significant fuel market share. It is worth noting that the Company conducts large-scale business operations, thus meeting society’s needs.

Upon the UNIMOT Group’s successful acquisition of the shares of Lotos Terminale, UNIMOT’s significance for the Polish economy will even grow. As a consequence, in 2023, upon the completion of the transaction, the UNIMOT Group will have 9 fuel terminals with a total storage capacity of 350,000 m3 with the ability to expand to 410,000 m3, thus become the third largest player within the fuel storage market. The UNIMOT Group considers the acquisition of Lotos Terminale as a long-term strategic investment and is collaborating with the seller in order to complete this transaction as soon as possible.

The list of protected entities is valid until the end of 2023. After that date, the list will be updated.

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