Date of publication: 08.04.15


UNIMOT SA revenues in march current year are the highest in the history of the Company. Compared to last year, this is a more than fourfold increase in monthly sales results.

March turned out a very good month in sales segment. Monthly revenue exceeded PLN 143 million net and are the highest in the history of the Company’s operations.

– For the first time in the history of our firm, monthly income reached such a high level – explained Przemyslaw Podgorski, President UNIMOT SA – It is worth noting that comparing to the previous year this is a fourfold increase. Such a  good income is the result of many actions that we have taken in last year, extending our offer with newer products and increasing the scope of their distribution.

The greatest effect on the final result in March had dynamic sale growth in fuel sector.

In March, the Company completed the first high trading transactions on the international market, which had a significant impact on the revenues – explained the President UNIMOT SA – Products from biofuels and bio-oil sector have a large market share of the total sales in our company, where after winter period there was an increase in demand for this type of fuel. The stable rotation of LPG allowed to continue to operate successfully in this area – said Mr. Podgorski CEO.

It is worth to mention that Unimot SA constantly expanding its offer and  successfully gaining new markets. The company is implementing corporate strategy, which may be proved by  new contracts and expanding relationships with current  clients.

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