The Unimot Group will expand its aviation fuel business under the AVIA brand

Date of publication: 03.08.23


In April 2023, the Unimot Group acquired 75% of shares of Partners4Sky, which changed its business name to Unimot Aviation. It will trade aviation fuel under the Swiss brand AVIA, which the Unimot Group has been building on the Polish market since 2017. Unimot Aviation sells aviation fuel to businesses and individuals who own helicopters or light aircrafts, but the Unimot Group intends to gradually expand its business.

After the sole independent aviation fuel operator left the Polish market in 2020, Partner4Sky—which is already known as Unimot Aviation—was established. The first refuelling at the airports in Krakow and Katowice began in August 2021 after obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. The company suspended its business operations in the passenger aviation sector in January 2022 and concentrated on growing sales of JET A aviation fuel outside of airports subject to inspection by the Civil Aviation Authority.

We are pleased to have another company within the Unimot Group that broadens our expertise in the fuel industry, this time to the aviation fuel market. With the Unimot Group’s financial support, we hope that the company will expand its business operations and return to operating passenger aircraft in accordance with the development plans that have been presented. In Poland, there are currently 14 public airports and 60 aeroclub airports, indicating a large market potential for development and thus a new source of EBITDA profit for us – says Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of Unimot S.A.

Unimot Aviation is equipped with a refuelling vehicle with the capability of dosing additives, thus allowing for providing refuelling services with JP8 fuel. In addition, the company collaborates with entities using JET A 1 kerosene-type fuel in technological processes or rendering aircraft engine services.


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