Summary of the implementation of the ESG Strategy

Date of publication: 23.03.23


The largest independent fuel and energy company operating in Poland, UNIMOT Group, released its ESG Strategy exactly one year ago, which serves as a guide for its business operations. The strategy referred to above is based upon five pillars (strategic goals) for: Environment (E), Social responsibility (S) and Corporate governance (G). The Group has defined twelve activities that will be taken to achieve the strategic goals.

With regard to the ESG Strategy, the UNIMOT Group has determined strategic goals listed below:

  • Environment – reducing the Group’s carbon emission on a regular basis and effective management of the Group’s impact on the environment;
  • Social responsibility – increasing the safety, commitment and professional qualification of employees and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among employees;
  • Corporate governance – management of the Group for sustainable development.

We have been conducting business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner since the company’s incorporation. The publication of our ESG Strategy at the beginning of 2022 proved our dedication to these crucial issues. One year has passed since its implementation at the UNIMOT Group. I am pleased to note that actions related to the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance are being constantly taken. As a result, we are now a company that deliberately undertakes initiatives considering ESG aspects and conducts its business in a more sustainable manner says Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT.



With regard to the environment, the Group continued to diversify its business operations by investing heavily in the renewable energy market. For this purpose, the UNIMOT Group has increased the plant and machinery resources of the production line of Polish photovoltaic modules located at the PZL Sędziszów factory. The line’s current production capacity is 45 MW. The UNIMOT Group sells PV modules under the AVIA Solar brand, but also extends its offer to companies that intend to produce photovoltaic panels under their own brands. The UNIMOT Group’s plant and machinery resources allow for the production of PV modules using cells as large as M12. AVIA Solar PV modules are available in the most popular performance ranges in their respective segments, ranging from 350 Wp to more than 450 Wp. In addition, each PV module has its own QR code, which allows the product to be traced throughout its market life cycle, until it is recycled. In consideration of the environment, the PV modules are sent to customers in eco-friendly packaging. The UNIMOT Group does not rule out further expansion of the production line.

In 2021, a cooperation with an American company, First Solar, was also established, making it possible for the Group to provide entirely American-made PV modules to the Polish market. The first delivery of American PV modules from First Solar arrived in Poland in July, and the modules are now offered by the UNIMOT Group.

In addition, efforts are being made to make AVIA petrol stations not only customer-friendly, but also environmentally friendly. As a result, it was decided to install PV systems at AVIA petrol stations managed by the UNIMOT Group. The capacity of the new solar installations at AVIA petrol stations for which UNIMOT Group’s AVIA Solar brand is responsible exceeds 100 kWp in total. All of the PV systems are installed on the facilities’ roofs, and the amount of energy they generate will save up to 50% per year. Currently, six AVIA petrol stations have their own photovoltaic systems. One of the petrol stations has a heat pump, which not only saves money on heating but also reduces the Group’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, analyses are being conducted to determine whether it would be technically feasible to install photovoltaic systems at other petrol stations, giving them access to their own renewable energy source.

The Group is also working on a project to build a biogas plant. Biomethane produced during the biogas purification process (primarily from carbon dioxide, sulphur, and nitrogen compounds) can be used in power generation, improving energy security and supporting local economies. A decision on the environmental conditions for a project to build an agricultural biogas plant with a capacity of up to 3 MW was issued at the beginning of 2023. The subsequent stage of the process will be to obtain a building permit.

In order to effectively manage the UNIMOT Group’s environmental impact, management processes have been improved by requiring UNIMOT Group companies to follow the Environmental Issues Management Guidelines, which lay down rules of conduct in terms of waste management, packaging, products, waste electrical and electronic equipment, gaseous and particulate emissions into the air, and water and wastewater management.

Additionally, the Group has been involved in energy cluster activities, with a particular focus on actions taken within the Silesian province.


Social responsibility

The UNIMOT Group has taken a number of actions to establish trustworthy relationships with its stakeholders. The Group is involved in supporting local communities by promoting sports activities and education. The UNIMOT Group financially supports the Kolejarz-Jura Częstochowa cycling club, the Efektowni Sports Club in Stalowa Wola, and the Speedway Fan Club Częstochowa Association, which runs the Lwy AVIA Częstochowa speedway bicycle club.

Last year, the Group continued its 2019-starting collaboration with the Zawadzkie municipality, where UNIMOT S.A.’s registered office is located. Under the collaboration, the UNIMOT Group donates funds to the municipality on a regular basis, which have been used to construct a modern and safe children’s playground in the city centre and to support local youth sports clubs. The Group has contributed PLN 300,000 to the Zawadzkie municipality since the beginning of its collaboration.

In addition, the UNIMOT Group supports the outstanding young Poles at top American and European universities (such as: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge) by cooperating with a selected foundation that promotes education and runs an educational guidance program. The UNIMOT Group provided candidates chosen by the organisation with interest-free loans to cover the cost of their studies. In total, the Group granted loans to 12 participants for more than PLN 200,000.

A policy aimed at developing employee competence is one of the key areas of the adopted ESG Strategy. As a result, in 2022, employees’ access to training was increased and upskilling was facilitated. Additionally, the Group aims at to fully exploiting the employees’ potential by combining the needs of the organisation with their professional goals. Supporting employees in their professional development improves the efficiency of the processes within the organisation.

The Manager’s Academy development program, addressed to team managers as well as employees prepared for this role, was launched in 2022. The Manager’s Academy is a project that taught participants not only how to be a good manager, but also how to effectively cooperate and communicate with other teams.

Furthermore, the UNIMOT Group’s activities aimed to promote health and active lifestyles by providing employees with access to private health insurance and sports packages.


Corporate governance

In 2022, the UNIMOT Group implemented a “Code of Conduct for Business Partners”, which indicates minimum expectations for the UNIMOT Group companies’ business partners on issues such as respect for human and employee rights, respect for the environment, ethical standards, and compliance with applicable laws. The operating companies of the Group have also implemented corporate governance policies, rules and regulations, and rules of conduct.

The Group actively communicates with stakeholders on ESG issues. In order to determine which ESG issues within the UNIMOT Group are important to the Group’s stakeholders, a survey was conducted at the end of the previous year. The results of the survey will be published in the subsequent ESG Report.

More information on the implementation of the ESG Strategy will be available in the ESG Report for 2022. The publication of the Report is scheduled for April 2023.

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