From a tanker to a fuel tank – training for professionals in Unimot S.A.

Date of publication: 18.04.16


How to control the quality of fuels, distinguish a good quality Diesel oil form a cheated one and what is the way that fuels travel from the producer to the car fuel tank – this is what employees of UNIMOT S.A. learned in a specialist laboratory.

A two-day intensive training for the employees of UNIMOT S.A. that took place between 7-8 April in Gdynia, included not only lectures, but also specialist laboratory classes, and concerned the liquid fuels market in Poland, in particular Diesel oil.

 We make investments into our employees as this is an important part of our development strategy and also a vital element of competitive advantage on the market. We are convinced that competences, knowledge and expertise are the factors that distinguish our company, and therefore our employees need to possess knowledge that makes them market experts – said the President of UNIMOT S.A. Mr Robert Brzozowski.  

Specialists from  UNIMOT S.A. in the course of the training obtained profound knowledge on the liquid fuels market in Poland (production, import, consumption), expanded their knowledge on the fuel quality system functioning (legal requirements, petrol stations security) and received comprehensive information on liquid fuels characteristics, with particular consideration of Diesel oil (interpretation of chosen physical and chemical parameters, influence of fuel additives on the performance of engine fuels). It was also a chance for the specialists from UNIMOT S.A. to exchange mutual experiences and discuss the current situation on the liquid fuels market in Poland. The training for the employees of UNIMOT S.A. combined with the laboratory panel was conducted by the renowned company BMS (Saybolt Poland).

The President of UNIMOT pointed out that Diesel oil accounts for 50% of the company’s income and is a key product in its offer. The company has increased the number of fuel depots through which Diesel oil is sold, basically expanding the geographical scope of its operation. UNIMOT S.A. is developing its sales department, making substantial investments into its training – The quality of the customer service and the quality of the product that we offer is our priority – stressed Mr Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT S.A.

– “This is knowledge connected with our everyday work. Customers have many requests and the more we know about Diesel oil, the better we are able to satisfy their needs. A particularly valuable part of the training for our trade specialists took part in the laboratory conditions with the use of specialist measurement and analysis equipment. We tested Diesel oil parameters such as its quality, strength, durability, resistance to low temperatures and impact on engines. This important experience will surely prove useful in contacts with our contractors” – commented the training trade supervisors of UNIMOT: Dorota Kierznikowicz i Michał Piętka.


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