Date of publication: 20.05.14


UNIMOT GAZ SA launches sale of diesel from the new bases . Beyond Dębogórze , customers can buy diesel in Boronow  and in the future will be available in Emilianów.

According to the announcement , UNIMOT GAZ SA intensively developing wholesale diesel. In current week, Company will increase the number of bases where fuel will be provided.

– As reported a month ago, the Company is working on increasing the number of bases that provides diesel – says Boguslaw Satlawa, President of UNIMOT GAZ SA. From the current week it is already available in the base OLPP in Boronow (Silesian province ). Another base from which the company will begin distributing ON will be Emilianow in the Mazovia province and it will begin later this week.

At the end of April the Company has expanded its range of wholesale diesel. Fuel, coming mainly from foreign suppliers, in the first place was available at fuel depots located in northern Poland. In the near future UNIMOT GAZ SA plans further dynamic development of the project , including increasing the volume of ON and making it available to customers in other regions of the country.

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