Date of publication: 06.08.14


UNIMOT GAZ performed next stages of the strategy in the market share of natural gas. Company just purchased a distribution network, connected to the OGP Gaz-System SA transmission network

SPV of GAZ UNIMOT acquired medium-pressure gas pipelines along with  gas connections and supporting infrastructure along with the first degree pressure reduction station, a boiler room and gas odorizing unit. Purchasing of distribution network with a total length over 20 km is located in close vicinity of the gas liquefaction plant (LNG) which was built by our company in one of the communes in the province of Mazovia. Currently, our network supplies with fuel less than 100 active customers, including industrial ones.

In this way, after the successful acquisition of two regasification stations in the West Pomeranian and Greater Poland, UNIMOT GAZ at the beginning of the month, increased its involvement in the Polish gas market.

– Project which is in the process of implementation is a part of the multi-direction plan of  increasing sales of natural gas on the basis of the existing high pressure network connections – says Przemysław Podgorski, Member of the Board UNIMOT GAZ SA. – As a result of the specified investments realized by the Company’s sales of natural gas will increase by approximately  1.3 million m3 per year. We also plan to develop the mentioned distribution network in the neighboring municipalities not supplied with gas, so that in a few years to increase its length at least four times. Because we assume that the network eventually reaches a length of approx. 120 km and its sales of natural gas potential will  reach 12 million m3 per year.

It is also very important  to facilitate the operational management of the gas stream on the mentioned investment by installing a natural gas liquefaction (LNG production).  Because of it  we will supply our  own re-gasification stations – said Przemyslaw Podgorski. On the basis of acquired assets we also considering the production of compressed gas (CNG). We want our company  offer was comprehensive and complementary to current and future customers.

It should be clarified that the change of ownership will not change the level of prices for final consumers.

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