AVIA begins its operation in Ukraine

Date of publication: 30.01.19


Soon first petrol stations under the AVIA brand will appear in Kiev.  UNIMOT S.A., the company listed on the WSE has signed franchise contracts and in partnership with Wexler Global Trading commences the rebranding of two petrol stations.

In accordance with previous announcements UNIMOT, which is entitled to represent the AVIA brand in the territory of Ukraine is introducing the new brand to the Ukrainian fuel market. The rebranding process of two first stations in Kiev has begun in cooperation with the company from the fuel industry – Wexler Global Trading Sp. z o.o.

Based on our competences and experience on the Polish market we are starting the development of the chain of AVIA  stations in the territory of Ukraine – explains Mr Adam Sikorski, the President of UNIMOT S.A. – The Ukrainian market demonstrates a very positive attitude towards the Swiss brand; it is associated not only with European stations but also an innovative approach to fuel production. So, we are introducing the brand as franchise at petrol stations, but we are not conducting an operating activity, including supplies of fuels, on the territory of Ukraine. However, we are considering an increased presence of the brand in the future with other petroleum products. This was the reason for starting a cooperation with Wexler Global Trading Sp. z o.o. – the company very competent in the area of fuel trade, which provides services for a large number of Ukrainian stations. We expect that thanks to this cooperation we will increase our business potential and scale of our operations on the Ukrainian market.

UNIMOT S.A. and Wexler Global Trading Sp. z o.o. have recently concluded an agreement on cooperation in the fuel and energy sector in Ukraine. At the present stage the companies will implement the project of developing the chain of AVIA stations. However, they do not exclude a possibility of launching a joint production of high-quality engine fuels and lubricants. Wexler Global plans to destine significant investment expenditures for this goal.

Plans of our business partner in the scope of fuel production are extensive, with investments in the amount of EUR 50 million. However, I would like to assure that the involvement of UNIMOT at this stage is rather insignificant. We estimate that the rebranding of first AVIA stations will not exceed EUR 100 thousand – explains Mr Adam Sikorski.

Wexler Global Trading Sp. z o.o. is a trading company operating on the oil product market. The company also conducts retail sale and wholesale of fuels, particularly for the transport sector. Wexler Global Trading supplies with fuel a large number of stations in the territory of Ukraine.

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