Date of publication: 14.08.15


In the second quarter of 2015 UNIMOT Capital Group generated net profit amounting to PLN 1.6 million, with the revenues at a level of PLN 335.8 million. At the same time, the Group closed the quarter in question with excellent results, gaining 90-per cent growth in revenues.

In the second quarter of the current year UNIMOT achieved consolidated revenues on sales at a level of PLN 335.8 million, as compared to PLN 176.7 million in the corresponding period of 2014. The high growth in revenues of the Group, reaching 90 per cent, is the result of the dynamic development of diesel oil wholesale and intensification of biofuel and bio oil sales.

– The first half of 2015 was satisfactory for UNIMOT Group – states Małgorzata Garncarek, Member of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. – The driving force of the revenues was the dynamic sales of diesel oil, constituting over 60% of the overall turnover of the Group in the quarter under discussion. We have increased the number of fuel depots, through which we distribute our product and we have expanded the diesel oil consumer portfolio significantly. We have been also systematically increasing sales of biofuels and bio oil – the sector which generated almost 215 of the total revenues in this quarter.

Results of the Group in other product lines also look optimistically. In the quarter under discussion UNIMOT maintained stable sales of LPG, constituting above 16% of share in the value of the Group’s sales and increased revenues due to trading in natural gas, also through the Polish Energy Exchange.

– It should be stressed that after two quarters of the current year, the Capital Group generated net profit at a level of PLN 3.53 million – adds Małgorzata Garncarek. – The provisions for future liabilities created in the amount of over PLN 3.9 million have a significant impact on the results gained. Due to their non-tax nature, the effective rate of income tax in the period under discussion is higher, consequently, the appearance of costs in the consecutive periods would affect its reduction and growth in the net profit.

Simultaneously, it is worth adding that in the recent period the Company increased unit financial forecasts. In accordance with the Current Report no. 28/2015, UNIMOT S.A. assumes gaining net profit in the amount of PLN 6.8 million, EBITDA at a level of PLN 11.5 million, with the net revenues on sales at a level of PLN 1,100 million.

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