Date of publication: 12.02.14


Spanish companies MOKA CONSULTING S.L. and INCOGAS have bought a block of shares of UNIMOT GAZ S.A. Thanks to the new investors, having extensive experience in the gas sector, the Company has gained valuable support in the scope of expanding its activities on the natural gas market.

According to the report of UNIMOT GAZ S.A., the main, as yet, shareholder of the Company –  UNIMOT EXPRESS  Sp. z o.o with its registered office in Warsaw, has completed the transaction of the sale of UNIMOT GAZ S.A. shares.  The shares have been bought by companies MOKA CONSULTING S.L. and INCOGAS, acquiring accordingly 5% of share capital of UNIMOT GAZ S.A. each. The selling price amounted to PLN 2.85 a share.

“The point of reference to determine the share selling price, was the issue price of the series D shares  and market value of stock at the moment of entering into negotiations with the investors”, said Bogusław Satława, the Chairman of Board of UNIMOT GAZ S.A.  “It should be noted here, that the price of the transaction is discounted compared with the market price, taking into account the market position of the investors, highly regarded in the oil and gas segment”.

It is worth mentioning, that an excellent opportunity to get to know business activities of the Company’s new investors, will be the press conference of UNIMOT GAZ S.A., scheduled for 1 p.m., February 13, 2014, in the headquarters of Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) in Warsaw.  A special guest of the conference will be a highly regarded international expert of the crude oil and natural gas segment – Isaac Querub – from January a Member of the UNIMOT GAZ S.A. Supervisory Board.

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