First successes of UNIMOT in sales of bitumen

Date of publication: 11.10.19


The newly-acquired by UNIMOT S.A. team of specialists responsible for import and distribution of bitumen products already in September reached its operational readiness and commenced sales achieving 100% of the set goals.  

The department of bitumen products in the UNIMOT Capital Group appeared at the ned of August 2019 and already in September of the present year reached its operational readiness and commenced active sales. The team of 10 specialists under the supervision of Mr Tomasz Borodziej achieved over 100% of the plan for the first month of its operation and can boast the distribution of over 10 000 tonnes of bitumen products.

– I am happy that the whole proces of transformation and organisation of the logistic chain including the flow of bitumen products among our key supply sources and customers within the UNIMOT Group was so fast-paced – says Mr Tomasz Borodziej, Director of the AVIA Bitumen Department. I am also proud that the AVIA Bitumen team, which I have the pleasure to lead already in the first month of its operation was able to achieve sales that exceeded business goals set before us. I believe this is a good forecast for the remaining part of the year and the near future – adds Mr Borodziej.

It is also worth stressing that bitumen products that are currently sold by the UNIMOT Capital Group will be offered on the market under the brand of AVIA Bitumen. This results from the development strategy of the Group, which assumes sales of all products and services under the European brand of AVIA. Under the same brand the Group is also developing in Poland the chain of petrol stations and other business lines such as wholesale of fuels, electricity and gas. AVIA is a strong brand which is present in 15 countries of Europe on the fuel and energy market, which will have a significant impact on the perception of the offer of bitumen products on foreign markets.

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