Andreas Golombek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Mr Andreas Golombek is a graduate of Biefeld Technical University. After the university he worked for AEG (later Alstom and CEGELEC), where he was responsible for sales in Eastern and Central Europe. In 2002 he took the post of the president of a newly-established company CEGELEC in Poland, whose brand he was building and developing until the end of 2005. In February 2006 he took the post of the president of the management board of Lurgi S.A. in Cracow, being responsible for sales, supplies, HR and quality. In 2007 The Lurgi Group was taken over by the Group Air Liquide, which resulted in a respective increase in the scope of responsibilities. Since 2010 Mr Golombek was also a member of the Executive Team of the Lurgi Group, responsible for global purchases and supplies. Since 2012 he was entrusted the responsibility for carrying out projects in Air Liquide Engineering in the territory of Central and Central Europe and CIS countries.

In 2015 Mr Andreas Golombek established the company Go&management GmbH S. K. The company offers professional counselling services for chemical, petrochemical, refinery and energy industries that comprises the issues of strategy, management and optimization in the implementation process of high-budget investment projects.