UNIMOT’s profit in the 1st half of 2016 grew by 179% rdr; the company increases the forecasts for 2016.

Date of publication: 12.08.16


UNIMOT, a dynamically developing multiultility capital group published its financial report for the 1st half of 2016. Incomes of the Group compared to the 1st half of 2015 grew by 38% and the net profit by 179%. Moreover, after the successful half UNIMOT rises its financial forecasts for 2016 and currently the Group expects to achieve PLN 20 million of profit for the whole year.  

Incrementally for the 6 months of 2016 the Group achieved incomes from sales at the level of PLN 854,8 million compared to PLN 617,7 million of incomes in the analogous period of 2015. Consolidated net profit in the 1st half of 2016 was PLN 10,4 million in comparison to PLN 3,74 million in the 1st half of 2015.

 „Such high dynamism of sales and net profit with relation to the previous year results mainly from the continuous development of Diesel oil wholesale and an increase in the sales of bio-fuels” – explains Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT. „Looking at the results for the 2nd quarter itself one can also observe a dynamic growth” – he adds.

The consolidated net profit for the 2nd quarter of 2016 was PLN 2,61 million and the incomes PLN 476,5 million in comparison to PLN 1,70 million of profit and PLN 335,9 million of incomes in the 2nd quarter of 2015, which is a growth, respectively by 53% and 42%. In the scope of EBITDA in the 2nd quarter the Group achieved PLN 6,1 million, which constitutes a growth by 61% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2015.

„In the 2nd quarter we acquired the Tradea company, which deals with electricity trade, we made investments into IT systems to operate our trading platform and we also significantly increased our trade and working staff” – reminds Mr Brzozowski.

The UNIMOT Group has also increased its financial forecasts for 2016.

„Considering the results for the whole 1st half, a dynamic development of the whole Capital Group and our ambitious goals, included in the development strategy for 2016-2017, we have decided to rise the forecasts for 2016.” – adds the President of UNIMOT.

Currently UNIMOT expects the incomes to be PLN 2 billion, EBITDA will reach PLN 33,8 million and the net profit PLN 20 million. Previously the figures were respectively PLN 1,6 billion, PLN 27 million and PLN 15 million.

Below you can find selected data from the quarterly report of UNIMOT

Selected consolidated financial results of UNIMOT
In PLN millions 2nd q. 2016 2nd q.  2015 change rdr 1st half 2016 1st half 2015 change rdr
Incomes from sales 476,5 335,9 42% 854,8 617,7 38%
EBIT     5,2      3,2 61%         15,5     6,9 125% 
EBITDA     6,1      3,8 61%    17,1     7,9  116%
Net profit     2,6      1,7 53%  10,4    3,74

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