UNIMOT has opened 2 new AVIA stations

Date of publication: 08.08.17


UNIMOT has opened new fuel stations under the AVIA brand in Józefów near Warsaw and in Zawadzkie near Opole. 

Implementation of the plan of UNIMOT S.A. to open over 100 fuel stations under the AVIA brand until 2020 has been gaining pace. In the first week of August two new AVIA fuel stations were opened: in Józefów near Warsaw and in Zawadzkie near Opole. Together with the stations opened last month in Warsaw, Łomża and Turek, UNIMOT can boast five already operating stations.

AVIA in Józefów

The new AVIA station is located at one of busier exit routes leading south from Warsaw, at 132 Aleja Nadwiślańska in Józefów. The station offers petrol 95 and 98, diesel oil, LPG gas and premium fuel AVIA Diesel Gold, which contains a special additive increasing its cetane number, improving lubricative and detergent qualities. The result of the higher cetane number is quieter work of the engine, easier start of the engine and environmentally-friendly operations as this fuel reduces the content of solid matter in exhaust fumes. The station has been supplemented by a shop with a coffee corner Esenso Café, where especially developed for the AVIA brand mixture of coffee is served. The station also includes a hand pressure car wash for three vehicles, one of them being destined for vans.

AVIA in Zawadzkie

The AVIA fuel station in Zawadzkie was created at LPG bottling plant, which belongs to UNIMOT S.A. From this location, the company renders wholesale and retail sales of propane and butane gas in the territory of southern Poland. The AVIA station in Zawadzkie offers 95 petrol, diesel oil and LPG gas. What is important, the propane and butane bottles are also available at the station. For the convenience of the customers the price of a gas bottle is displayed on the pylon. Additionally, as the only station in the Opolskie voivodeship we offer also gas fixture, among others, buckles, valves, hoses, nuts – claims Mr Czesław Florecki, the Manager of the Gas Bottling Plant and AVIA fuel station in Zawadzkie. I am very happy that the family of AVIA stations in Poland is expanding. Our offer brings positive feedback of various stations owners – from typically city ones, through transit ones, to local and neighbourhood ones. Simple rules of franchise contracts, favourable conditions of fuel purchase and support in rebranding process into AVIA, as well in the further sales development – these are elements that convince our partners to cooperate with us – says Mr Paweł Wydymus, the Director of Retail Fuels Sales at UNIMOT S.A.

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