UNIMOT S.A. – Polish independent fuels importer launches online fuels trading platform

Date of publication: 23.06.16


UNIMOT S.A., one of Poland’s leading importers of fuels, is launching an online platform for fuels trading. The new platform, HurtPaliw24, will enable wholesale trading in fuels online at prices reflecting global trading prices for diesel oil.

According to UNIMOT S.A. CEO Robert Brzozowski, “Our new online platform is an innovative solution not only on the Polish market, but also for the European market. It fits perfectly with the company’s new strategy, which is based among other things on investments in modern technologies on the fairly traditional fuels market.”

The UNIMOT CEO added: “Thanks to the new transaction platform, UNIMOT will provide its customers access to current market prices with the possibility to purchase fuels at the best price. Customers will obtain the possibility of concluding rapid transactions, without losing time contacting a dealer, the ability to compare prices easily across various fuel bases, and access to historical diesel prices as well as their own order history.”

This summer the Polish government plans to introduce legal changes designed to limit the grey market in fuels trading. Poland’s legal importers of fuels perceive this as a huge growth opportunity.

Robert Brzozowski explained: “After eliminating illegally imported fuel, a gap in supply may appear on the market which will be filled by firms with the best and most innovative offer. Launch of the HurtPaliw24 platform means that UNIMOT is prepared for even a huge leap in the number of customers and volumes of diesel oil sales.”

Launch of the trading platform will also generate real benefits for UNIMOT, which should contribute to an increase in sales of diesel fuels. These include increased frequency of orders in response to online access to trading prices on the platform, as well as partially freeing the sales department so sales staff have more time to seek out new customers. Moreover, the prices for diesel fuels offered by UNIMOT will be more flexible, and the online platform will enable quicker reporting of sales and monitoring of the market.

The launch of the platform is planned for the beginning of July 2016. It will be accessible to UNIMOT customers at

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